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Today I saw the Crusaders went to a New World in Christchurch to help. LOL. I work at a New World. If they went to the one I worked at I’d be like “Thanks for telling me to turn your tweets off Zac, oh btw I didn’t.” Imagine his face hahahahahahaha.

Zac Rant.

What I don’t get is the media loves to sponge off him. Here are these under age teenagers about 13-15 doing what he’s doing and no one wants to address that but they’ll address his excuses and “drinking problem.”

Seriously, this day and age, society is fucked. No wonder young girls get fucking pregnant and people everyday hurt themselves due to bullying. 

No one wants to address these dilemmas not even the media. It truly disgusts me how every kind of media sponges off famous people who are just trying to live. Zac just so happens to be the bad boy rugby star but he’s still a person and still deserves privacy. LEAVE HIM ALONE.

Been a while since I’ve posed one of my beautiful edits….this isn’t that good. But the person in it distracts you…and that smile. Damn Zac Guildford. :D x

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Hey sorry about the late reply. I’m om the computer for the first time in weeks. Sure I will love, :D x